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Ticketing System at a Glance

How it Works

The entire process from event creation to authentication at the gateway is intuitive, simple and requires no knowledge of the underlying technology. Our robust system runs in the background, with users interacting only with TicketPool's frontend environment.

Artist/Promoter Creates an Event
  • The artist creates an event
  • Gets access to the data platform
  • Uses analytics services
  • Has the ability to track each ticket throughout its lifetime
Tickets are Minted
  • Tickets are recorded to the foundation layer
  • A token programmable by smart contract is created
  • Our solution is not tied to a single background layer
  • Programmable options to customize tickets
  • Value/sales maximization
Fans Buy Tickets
  • Fans purchase tickets
  • Direct connection between artist and fans
  • Fan is in full possession of a ticket, ownership is verifyable (simplified using TicketPool dashboard)
Revolutionary Resale
  • End of scalping business
  • Revenue from secondary markets
  • Perpetual revenue from each ticket using built-in royalty parameter
Authentication at the Counter
  • Ticket is verified using a dynamic QR code
  • In-house system enables lighting-fast verification, indistinguishable from current tickets
  • Users own tickets even after the date of the event
  • Rare but also regular tickets can be sold on the marketplace
  • Tools to create your own collector's collection
Our Mission

We Revolutionize the Ticketing Industry

We are plugging the holes in the current ticketing system that favours resellers and disadvantages fans on the secondary market. We bring solutions that advance ticketing into the 21st century. We leverage modern technology in an unique way – everyone understands the system the first time they work with it, whether it's an artist, event organizer or fan.

  • Czech company growing from a local business base
  • We are targeting an industry with sales at US$49.2 billion in the year 2020 (up to US$60 billion in 2026)
  • Unique solution tailor-made by our dedicated team
  • System independent of dedicated background layer, can be customized according to customer requirements


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Programmable ticket system with the possibility of resale.

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Our Platform

Sophisticated Control of Your Event Sales, Made Simple

Our platform enables you to monitor your ticket sales in real time. Sort sales based on primary/secondary market, venue, ticket type, low-end/high-end prices and tons of other available options.

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We develop unique solutions with a focus on the ticketing industry. Our technology connects the physical world with the digital one

This project was realised with the financial support of the Technology Incubation programme.

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